A4C BANNED: just like tinned, they’ve been put in a ban.

Anyone remember how the president promised to eat on of those activists like a samosa? well he suddenly changed his mind after discovering bans were better breakfast than samosas.

I found a new way to call this banana republic located in central Africa according to fox news, a supermarket of sorts, more like a restaurant or cafe where you order for what you want and the waiters deliver.

Waiter walks to the table,

Sevo: what’s your name?

waiter: peter nyombi, the man you appointed to bring bans and samosas to your table.

Sevo: did you say muyombi, in my language we have a saying……..omuyombi tatahya obushera , translator kayihura, tell him what it means,

kayihura: it means bring bans with those things they call a4c’s the ones that we wanted in the  samosas last time. I have been beating them and spraying them with gas i guess they are ready.

so thats how A4C got banned for those that are not updated yet.

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