serving banana republic with my unpleasantries

it’s quite unpleasant in aspect and all due cordial to have to do a story in a primary school but ever since i took on my most beloved profession it’s just one of those things you cannot avoid for a plain brained Monday. However, adventurous in my mind only, i decided to make the idea an amazing debacle.

Starting with, i eavesdropped a confidential conversation of how the school had received an inspector little-wonder the staffroom had been streamlined to only one visitor with his adventurous self. Did these staff members know how i could logically steal a thing or two from their rather disorganized staffroom, more like a news idea or this excerpt that’s taking much of your precious time.

My inquisitive self then ventured into the staff files hoping not even a soul turned up to catch me papers down in this public school. Most of the staff for as fast as i could read hadn’t crossed an academic foot beyond the ordinary level something i thought was eye-catching. On one of the profiles was (name witheld) this teacher who’d spent most of her academic lifespan pursuing a primary leaving certificate. She’d spent quarter a decade in the final class failing more than enough times only managing to pull off a dull 24 to continue to her academic limbo. She was indeed an academic tourist but there she was infront of a bright 210 pupils pursuing the inevitable (eating kilos of chalk dust) on a subject she’d scored maximally lowest  tricky as it was.

Then i got to thinking what is the inspector actually doing in the school if a supposed to be cook is teaching mathematics? In anycase why does she of all classes have to teach the advanced learners?

For sure this is a banana republic but i’d not be seeing the future of 210 potential mathematicians being wasted by this introvert and scumberg. Style up banana republic #concerned citizen

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